Lifelong Aquawash High Pressure Washer

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Lifelong Aquawash High Pressure Washer 1700W Universal Motor

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The lifelong Aquawash High Pressure Washer is a helpful addition to your home that gives you great value for money. It’s flexible and convenient, especially with the ergonomically designed carry handles and enabling to move anywhere you need. It’s compact and lightweight, built easy to store, without occupying much space. With more than 100 innovative products, available in the category, no wonder millions of customers continue to choose Lifelong! Made for you, and made especially for your convenience.

. Lifelong HPW17 is your car washer high pressure pump and can be used as mini washing machine for your vehicle

. Maximum Pressure: 135 Bar/13 MPw. Universal Motor

. This pressure washer has a maximum Flow Rate: 6.5 litre/Min. Long Life Aluminium water pump- automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life

. Pressure Pipe Length is 5m, Power Cord 5m and Inlet water dispenser pipe length is 2m.

. Power: 1700 watts. Spray with Adjustable Nozzle. AC 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz makes it one of the best car cleaning accessories

Product Details:-

Power sourceAC
ColourOrange and Black
Maixmum Pressure1985 Pound per square inch
Item weight6 Kilograms
Hose length5 Meter

Including accessories:-

1. Pressure washer machine
2. Pressure washer gun
3 Foam cannon
4. Water pipe cannector
5. Inlet pipe

Can Be Added:-

1. Foam Cannon
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner

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