Kortex 1800w 130 Bars High Pressure Washer Machine

Kortex 1800w 130 Bars High Pressure Washer Machine

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Product Details :-

Brand Kortex
Flow rate 10 lpm
Maximum pressure 130 Bars
Colour Blue
Frequency 50 Hz
Model Kortex B5D
Voltage 220V
Power 1800W
Country of origin India

Included Accessories :-

1. Pressure washer machine
2. Pressure washer gun
3. Hose pipe
4. Inlet pipe
5. Foam cannon
6. Quick connector
7. Connector
8. Soap dispenser
9. Inlet filter
10. Connector
11. Fiber clothes

We Can Added Later :-

1. Foam cannon
2. Under chessis cleaner
3. 90 Degree angle

About Product Details :-

Here is the machine is from KORTEX compeny . This machine is a very perfect and simple machine for your home and for your personal use. You can use this machine by taking it anywhere. The knowledge of this machine is very useful. There will be no problem, you can use this machine easily, and the thing is that the included accessories that come with this machine are all of high quality, what has come with this machine is something like this .The price of this machine is also very low anyone can purchase it and make good contact with this machine if you want to take it then absolutely you can take this machine I will advise you to use it for your personal Do it only for the commercial purpose, don’t do it for the commercial purpose, if you do it for the commercial purpose, then this machine can burn. You will get with this machine some included accessories like :- pressure washer machine , pressure washer gun, hose pipe, inlet pipe, soap dispenser, foam cannon, nozzel quick connector, connector, micro fiber clothes . You can yous this machine easily .

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