Starq W8 2800W | 280 Bars | Portable Pressure Washer Machine

Starq W8 2800W | 280 Bars | Portable Pressure Washer Machine

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Product Details :-

Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Blue
Maximum Pressure 320 Bars
Item Weight 8 Kg
Hose Length 8 Meters

Included Accessories :-

1. Pressure washer machine
2. Pressure washer gun
3. Hose pipe
4. Inlet pipe
5. Extension rod
6. Soap dispenser
7. Inlet filter
8. Quick connector
9. Connector

We Can Added Later :-

1. Foam cannon
2. Under chessis cleaner
3. 90 Degree angle

About Product Details :-

Here is the machine is from Starq Brand [ Starq W8 2800W | 280 Bars | Portable Pressure Washer Machine ] | This machine has been made for his personal use. First of all, do not use this machine for commercial use. This machine has been made especially for his personal use. You can use this machine in your daily life. Price is very low, everyone can buy this machine and use it in their daily life. With this machine, you get some high quality included accessories which are made by the company, it is the original product which is something like this :- pressure washer machine, pressure washer gun, hose pipe, inlet pipe, soap dispenser quick connector, connector etc . You can also add some included accessories separately if your body is damaged like farm cannon, under chassis cleaner 90 degree angle etc. With the help of this machine you can clean even the heaviest of garbage. Gandhi can clean the vehicle. You can clean Gandhi bike but remember one thing, this machine is made for personal use and not for commercial use. It can be used to clean your floor. You can take this machine anywhere, this machine does not weigh much, you can easily lift it and take it from one place to another. If you like this machine, then you can take it for your personal use. I advise you. I will allow you to take advantage of this machine for your personal work.

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