Texum Portable High Pressure Washer

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Texum TX-50D electric portable high pressure car washer cleaner pump 2200 watts motor power and 10 LPM of flow rate . it has a maximum pressure of 145bar and it operate on a single phase 230v/ 50Hz Power supply system .

This portable car washer machine comes with somes accessories like professional foam bottal , inlet hose pipe , filter, adjustable pressure or spray gun quick connector adaptor etc. This electric pressure washer is loaded with features like auto power cut off , low noise operation , heavy duty induction motor , portable and adjustable pessure gun , etc

This portable car washing pump has a heavy – duty induction motor that offers features like an advance total stop system , dual water intake method , adjustable spray nozzel , heavy water pressure output with less water intake , pro tip nozzel smooth in operation with an attractive design and colour combination , easy to install etc.

This presure cleanercan be used for washing car and bikes , pouring into plants and trees, floor cleaning , home cleaning , and many other cleaning application. It has a compact and portable design that makes it easy to carry .

1 year warrenty only for machine , not for the accessories . during the warrenty period , if anything happens to machine , customer have to send the machine to our warehouse . One side courier fees should be paid by customer . After repairs , we will send the machine to our cost .

Products Details:-

Colour Red
Item weight 7.5 Kilograms
Hose Length8 Meters

Including Accessories:-

1. Pressure washer machine
2. Pressure washer gun
3. Hose pipe
4. Inlet pipe
5. Inlet filter
6. Quick connector
7. Foam cannon
8. nozzel

Can Be Added:-

1. Foam Cannon
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner
3. 90 Degree Angle

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