Starq customer care

Starq customer care

Warranty card
Warranty certificate

This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and workmanship under
normal use and services for the period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
(or) 12 months from date purchase of the end use whichever is earlier.
We undertake to repair or replace the product at our discretion or any part thereof, for
which we are satisfied that it was orginally defective in material or workmanship,
provided that the product or its part returned to our nearest regional office / dealer on
freight paid basis with in the warranty period. This warranty does not cover any
consequential damage of any nature. This gaurantee excludes every condition of
consequential damage of any nature. This gaurantee excludes every condition of
Warranty, whether statutory or otherwise, watsoever is not expressly set or here.
Product Model
Sr. No.
Date Of Purchase
Bill / Cash Memo No.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS : “Customers are advised to go through the product manual
carefully for proper installation use and servicing of the product and genuine spare parts.
It is also advisable to go through the company’s published literature, Catalogue or other
offical publication, Any Deviation,if made by the customer will void the warranty obligations.
Repair by trained mechanics will get you better results. This card must be produced at the
time of claiming with warranty along with purchase documents.

Here you will get starq retailer customer care number, email, and social media profile


Call +919769726227

Call +917987222725

Address 167, lohar chowl, marines lines, {E}

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I am a big fan of your’s, After watching videos and as per your recommendations i have purchased 4 starq car washers.
They performed well for 1 months and then after all are getting stucked from various problems.
No one is here to listen the problem.
Does your recommendations going to be failed?

Nitto sir…I’m sanchai from
mapusa(Goa) facing an issue with my starq w3…it cuts off after some time….and starts again and again…what can I do to solve the issue

Mr nitti Roy aap muza batow ke ma professional services center ka laya kon ss masin lu fome wash karna ka lay

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