OSMON OS-120PW Pressure Washer


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Introduction :-

Here is the machine from the OSMON Company. This machine is a very powerful and portable pressure washer machine. You can use this machine for multupurpose work like car wash, bikes wash, bicycle wash, floor cleaning. chemical spray etc. Car wash can be done very quickly with this machine. This will save your precious time. It’s Big Bang in a small pack. It’s Weight is less but its pressure is powerful. It is easy to carry due to its low weight. So you can use this machine for door to door car wash. Car can be washed with this machine in less water. And yes here the machine consumes less power. It is easy to operate this machine. So anyone can use it.

OSMON Pressure washer
OSMON Pressure washer

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Product Detail :-

1. Brand OSMON
2. Power Input 1500 watt
3. Max. Pressure 120 Bar
4. Flow Rate390L/Hr.
5. Hose Pipe Lenght 20 Feet
6. Weight 5kg.
7. ColorOrange
8. Motor Type 100% Copper

Included Accessories :-

1. Pressure Waasher Machiune
2. Pressure Washer Gun
3. Outlet Hose Pipe
4. Inlet Connector
5. Water Filter
6. Foam Cannon

Can Be Added :-

1. Under Chesiss Cleaner
2. 90 Degree Angle
3. Foam Cannon etc.

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