JPT F5 High Pressure Washer Machine

JPT F5 car washer machine
JPT F5 car washer machine


Here is the machine from the JPT Company. This is a very powerful and portable car washer machine. You can use this machine for multipurpose work like car washing, floor cleaning, solar panel cleaning, chemical spray for farming, bicycles wash etc. it makes less noise. it machine consumes less electricity. Car wash can be done very quickly with this machine. This will save your precious time.  Here the machine is big bang in small pack. It is easy to carry due to its small size. Car washes once in about 40L. of water. if you want to wash your car evry day than you can use only 10L Water per day for wash your car. Autostop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the switch is released. Which saves both water and electricity. Here is a good machine to wash the car.

JPT F5 car washer machine
JPT F5 car washer machine

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Product Details

Power Input 1800 watt
max. pressure 120 bar
Hose Pipe Length8 metres
Weight 8 kg.
Hose Pipe LengthWhite,Black

Included Accessories

1. Pressure washer Gun
2. Hose Pipe
3. Soap Dispenser (Foam Cannon)
4. Inlet Filter
5. Quick Connector
6. Hose Quick Connector

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