Ingco High Pressure Washer

Ingco 150BAR High Pressure Washer

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Ingco High Pressure Washer is very effortless to use just attach it to the water supply and a power socket and switch on the machine
A high-Pressure washer power tool is also helpful because it can eliminate some stubbornness to deal with grease, tar, gum, wax, and rust
The high-pressure washer is the best power tool for the moderate cleaning levels of dirt from the outdoor household surface, equipment, gates, garden furniture’s, bikes, cars, and bicycles.


. Carbon Brush motor
. Auto stop System
. Pure Copper Wire
. Packed By Color Box


. Model No. : HPWR18008
. Product Type : High Pressure Washer
. Brand : Ingco
. Voltage : 220-240 V~50/60 Hz
. Input power : 1800 W
. Max Pressure : 150 Bar 2200PSI
. Flow rate : 6.0 L/ min


. 1pcs soap bottle
. 1 set water spray gun (AMSG028)
. 5 m high pressure hose(AHPH5028)

Can Be Added:-

1. Foam Cannon
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner
3. 90 Degree Angle

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