Heavy Duty 150 Bar Pressure Washer

Heavy Duty 150 bAR High Pressure WASHER

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. Heavy Duty 150 Bar High Pressure Washer, 2500 W for Car and Truck Cleaning

. Uses for a high pressure washer include cleaning cars and windows, outdoor furniture, eaves, driveways and decks – just make sure you choose the right setting to avoid breaking a window or gouging into the deck.


Product Type : High Pressure Washer
Brand : Imported
Application Area : Car & Truck Cleaning
Power Supply : Corded Electric
Motor Rating : 2 HP
Motor Power : 2500 W
Max. Pressure : 150 bar
Motor Speed : 1500 RPM
Flow Rate : 8 L/min

Including Accessories:-

1. Pressure Washer Machine
2. Pressure Washer Gun
3. Foam Cannon
4. Inlet Pipe
5. Inlet Connector
6. Hose Pipe
7. Inlet Filter
8. Quick Connector

Can Be Added:-

1. Foam Cannon
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner
3. 90 Degree Angle

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