Zixdo Door To Door Car Washing Service

Zixdo Door To Door Car Washing Service

Here you can get door to dor car washing business franchise called zixdo. get to full details click here

Franchise Business in Car washing and Disinfectant Services

We are here with the most advanced Car Washing and Cleaning Service at your doorsteps You just need to book a time slot we are at your service with our vehicle cleaning services which includes hygienic car washing service Car washing is not only cleanliness of the body and exteriors but it involves comprehensive washing and cleaning of interiors

AC disinfection

engine wash

engine cleaning with hot water

steam car wash dashboard

proper cleaning & drying of Foot mats

body wash

cleaning of air vents and ashtray cleaning

We have highly qualified cleaning staff

Here our expertise and experience are perfectly aligned with our offerings be it home-based car washing service doorstep car washing service and maintenance A big part of a car wash and cleaning is the cleanliness of the Air Conditioning system

If you notice a foul smell coming out of the vents in your car make use of our AC maintenance service

With cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of the car

we focus on the appearance and hygiene of the car

Our customers have expressed 100% satisfaction in these segments. Our centre are conveniently located in all major cities across India and offer a comprehensive service for all models of vehicle you own.

Exterior Body wash and Interior cleaning polishing Polishing

We offer range of car wash and cleaning services. Our package includes a complete range of services right from basic car washing to the detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, ceramic coating, vacuuming and dashboard polishing. When we offer full Car Cleaning & polishing we include exterior body washing & polishing, interior dashboard cleaning & polishing, Seats, doors, roof, mats washing & cleaning and a dry dusting of AC vents. Long term protection against rusting to the body of the vehicle service, maintenance and improving fuel efficiency with AC disinfection are our main focus areas when we claim to be the best-in-class car wash, service provider.


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JPT office address – Saify Hotel Square, 447, Jawahar marg, Champa Bagh, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452007


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