Ballorex Professional Car Washer KS-CW135

Ballorex pressure washer
Ballorex pressure washer

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Introduction :-

Here is the machine from the Ballorex Company. This is a very portable and powerful pressure washer machine. . You can use this machine for multipurpose work like car washing, bikes wash, bicycle wash, floor cleaning, solar panel cleaning, chemical spray etc.  Here a good tool for cleaning. Can be cleaning in less time. it easy to use, kids old young all can use this machine.The color of this machine is blue. That looks great. Everything you need is provided with this machine. for example foam cannon, outlet hose pipe, inlet pipe etc. Ballorex high pressure washer machine comes with advanced pressure operation featur. You don’t need to change nozzle when you want to change pressure mode, it can be changed directly by roteting the spray gun. I mean this pressure washer is very good.

Ballorex Pressure washer
Ballorex Pressure washer

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Product Details :-

Brand Ballorex
Power Input2500 watt
Max. Pressure 140 Bar
Flow Rate 9.6L/M.
Hose Pipe Lenght 8m.
Weight 12.3kg.
Colour Blue
Motor 100%

Included Accessories :-

1. Pressure washesr Machine
2. Pressure washer Gun
3. Outlet Hose Pipe
4. Inlet pipe
5. Foam Cannon with brass connector
6. inlet water filter
7. Quick Connector

Can be added :-

1. Foam cannon
2. Under Chesiss cleaner
3. 90 Degree angle etc.

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