Akari APT Portable High Pressure Electric Washer

Akari APT -CW-03 2300W Portable High Pressure Electric Washer

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Akari APT-CW-03 2300W Portable High Pressure Electric Car Washer is a very nice product. Washing regularly always makes them look as good as new! A high power car washer helps reach the difficult corners and remove the stains. This car washer by Akari is manufactured using high grade plastic. The water spray of this product is eligible for removing loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum, and dirt from surfaces. This product weighs around 10.9 kg and is run on power. Besides washing cars this product also cleans objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. This product is portable and can be easily carried around for 360 degree cleaning. The complete packages contains 1 Piece. The dimensions of this product is 41x27x21 cm. It is suitable for Car Washing, Home Cleaning & Furniture Cleaning.

Key Feature:-

. For Any Outdoor Cleaning.

. It Becomes a Ultimate Portable Pressure Washing Solution.

. Most Versatile & Innovative Electric Pressure Washer.

. Use it in the Mobile Cart Making it Easy to Move it Safely from Project to Project.

. There is a Garden Hose with Water Supply & An Electrical Outlet.

Products Details:-

Brand Akari
Phase Singal Phase
Weight10. 9 kg
Flow Rate 7 lpm
Hose Length 5 m
Cord Length 5 m
Frequency50-60 Hz
Item Code APT
Power 2300 w
Maximum Pressure 100-195 BAR
Dimensions41× 27×21 cm

Including Accessories:-

1. Pressure washer machine
2. Pressure washer gun
3. Hose pipe
4. inlet connector
5. Inlet pipe

Can Be Added:-

1. Foam Cannon
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner
2.Under Chasiss Cleaner

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